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Address: 72 Lake Street Northbridge WA

The Re Stores remained as the group's own specialty retail outlets.

Since it began, European Foods Wholesalers has been a trendsetter on the Australian food scene. While proud of its tradition, the company has also been quick to embrace new tastes and ways of doing business.

In 1960, the Re family decided to expand into the wholesale side of the food industry. They founded European Foods Wholesalers to make their international gourmet products available to other food retailers and the hospitality industry.

In 1965, the firm was amongst the first to develop the concept of ‘house brands' with the introduction of its Bibo range products, Cecilia olive oils and the ‘famous' Farnese wines. These house brands are still popular more than 40 years on.

From Baci chocolates to Bayernland cheese and Barilla pasta, many of Australia's best-loved imported foods and beverages were introduced to Australia by European Foods during the 1960s, 70s and 80s, reflecting a growing taste for multicultural produce. Popular drinks La Modenese Lambrusco, Galliano and Riccadonna were added during the 80s and 90s.

As the food industry has evolved under the influence of cafe strips, TV chefs and cultural diversity, European Foods Wholesalers has responded by constantly sourcing and introducing new products.

The company has also expanded its Asian and South American product range while opening up new export markets in South East Asia and beyond.

Just as John and Maria Re turned a passion for food into a thriving enterprise decades ago, European Foods Wholesalers continues to mix passion with progressive business practice in a recipe for success.

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