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Address: St Georges Terrace Perth WA

enex100 is a contemporary, urban centre. Unlike any other shopping centre in Perth, enex100 has been designed to inspire and intrigue through its interesting design elements, artist works and exceptional Retailers.

The unique design features are primarily concentrated on the Podium Level. The intent of the design is to create a new intriguing experience in a dining destination, a space that is fascinating and magnetic.

The lure is immediate but the answer is not – what is it all about? The space is vibrant and very different to all other food spaces.

The design essence draws inspiration from the past and the present. The striking heritage facade on the Hay Street Mall was once home to Sandover Hardware, whose great start began with the 1890's gold rush. The inspiration continues to today; the resources industries are the backbone of business and the economy in W.A., this central city food podium is designed to reflect in a contemporary manner the quest for minerals and resources.

The concept is also to reflect the calibre and spirit of the people of W.A. It infers the qualities we have inherited – qualities of resilience, resourcefulness and innovation leading to optimism in the face of challenges and adversity. The daring search through inhospitable country, the mettle and fortitude essential to continue the quest are all part of our living history.

The essence of the idea of the Food Podium design is to demonstrate this current pursuit of resources in form, pattern and images – exemplified in the main ceiling element which threads it’s way though the space north-south from street front to street front, raising and dipping on its journey. Its form is based on the scarring of the landscape through mining the earth, with a patterned modular infill inspired by microscopic views of minerals.

The use of lighting effects, material finishes and furniture relating to the design essence reinforces this contemporary and specific theme.

The majority of visitors to enex100 are touched by the resources industries. They either work directly in resources or with associated service industries, connected and benefiting from it. Yet it is an industry full of mystery and complexity that this space pays tribute to.

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Monday - Thursday: 7.00am - 9.00pm, Friday: 7.00am - 10.00pm, Saturday: 7.00am - 7.00pm Sunday: 11.00am - 6.00pm
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08 9476 7676